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An organizer volunteering in the community.

Expanding our philanthropic reach

We strive to drive impactful change throughout our community.

Where we make an impact

Degrees of Difference contributes to a wide range of charitable organizations who alleviate hardship, promote equity, and encourage personal and professional growth.

Health icon

Health and well-being

We support programs that help improve mental and physical health and provide secure living accommodations for families in need.

Food icon

Food insecurity

We donate food and funds to local food banks and support larger regional and international charities who prioritize helping feed the hungry.

Education icon

Education and employment

We give to organizations focused on closing the gender pay gap and educating underprivileged youth to help them thrive in the workplace.

International aid icon

International aid

We aid organizations providing food, medicine, and housing relief to support public welfare in times of political unrest, natural disasters, and unforeseen environmental and health crises.

How we make a difference

When working and partnering with a charitable organization, Degrees of Difference evaluates and collaborates on how we can provide the most value to that partnership. Our primary methods of giving include:


Being community-obsessed, we donate our time, providing firsthand assistance.

Donation of goods

Whether we contribute food or clothes, it is our mission to donate and contribute to an effort.

Financial support

We find various methods to raise and donate funds to our partnered organizations.

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